Gabrielle is a self-taught artist in the initial stages of her career. She specializes in drawing and painting, but also enjoys linoleum block printing, sewing and embroidery, needle felting, and periodically adds to an ongoing series of hand-drawn art pins and stickers.

Thus far Gabrielle has participated and collaborated in a number of group exhibitions and art festivals with Spark Makerspace and Hygienic Art - both located in New London, CT. She also runs her own online shop, Monster Library, through the Etsy creative marketplace. She is currently working on a series of abstract paintings on wood, while planning a few comic book-related projects and a world building creative experiment.

Gabrielle's work combines an appreciation of human beauty/ugliness with a desire for more whimsy in the world. It is an exploration of fears, ideals, and everyday characters through the lens of monsters, myth and folklore. It is sometimes the figure seen briefly in your peripheral vision, or the odd combinations made within the mind in dreams. It is an admiring look at our reality but also an imagining of what could lie beneath if only we were able to look a bit closer.


Located in a quiet little pocket in the state of Connecticut, USA.



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